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Interesting place.

Some of my favorite villains are:

1. Taki Aizawa from Gravitation (love him to the point of obession.)

2. Kougaiji from Saiyuki (though I kinda think he's more of an anti-hero in some ways)

3. Muraki from Yami no Matsuei (he's such a monster but that's what makes him so intriguing to me)

4. Akito from Fruits Basket. (just a wow character for me over all. Akito's so very sublte, but I think that makes this character so threatening.)

5. Akabane from Getbackers. (he's soo delightful.)

6. Kagami of Getbackers. (Same reason as Akabane)

7. Schuldig from Weiss Kreuz. (He takes the concept of telepath to a new level.)

8. Hiten and Manten from Inuyasha. Especially Manten. (they have depth damit! And brothery love.)

9. Kikyo from Inuyasha. (Another sublte one and terribly misunderstood in my opinion.)

10. Dr. Nii from Saiyuki. (he just creeps you out in gross, gross way.)

I'm sure there are more I could list, but I'm being forgetful right now.
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Hrm, I never really saw Kikyo as a villain.

And I can't remember who Hiten and Manten are (sorry... refresh my memory?).

Personally, I'd say Sesshoumaru from that series (I like depth and there really is more to Sesshoumaru but since he's a long term character there they've taken a long time and slowly you see it. He starts out first as a very two dimensional character but as time goes on you see there's more to him. he's just very good at denying it, even to himself).
Hrm, I never really saw Kikyo as a villain.

I really don't either. She's more of an antagonist in that she interfers with the characters goals more.

And I can't remember who Hiten and Manten are (sorry... refresh my memory?).

They're the thunder brothers from early on. When Shippou first appears in the series, his father had been killed by them.
Kougaiji, did you say?
Yeah, I agree with your perception of him.
And as for Dr. Ni, he never creeps me out so much as makes me chuckle evilly.
I like the villains in that series, but I loathe the so-called "heroes" (except maybe Hakkai) with every fibre of my being.
Kikyou's considered a villian? I know alot of Inuyasha fans don't particularly like her (don't get me wrong, I like her) but I never even considered her a villian.