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You know you're a Naraku fan when...

If your a Naraku fan you probbly have some of these symptoms. If you had all of them i would be scared, because a lot of these reasons are really silly.

1. You squeal with delight whenever he walks onto the screan.

2. You often are asking yourself if there is even a one-in-a-thousand chance of Naraku falling in love.

3. You laugh whenever Naraku comes up with a extremly clever way to kill Inuyasha.

4. you find yourself comparing yourself to this list.

5. Many people find you frightening.

6. your parents are constantly trying to introduce you to some "nice" boys.

7. you have a Naraku plushie, that sleeps on your bed at night.

8. When you first got the plushie you were so happy, you started screaming and jumping up and down.

9. You are constantly searching the web for Naraku fansites and shrines.

10. All the other Naraku fans on the web know you.

11. whenever someone says they like the show Inuyasha, you tell them you love Naraku.

12. when you tell the other person this they either:
A. squeal "Me too!" and hugs you.
B. stares in total horror at you.

13. If you miss the episode where Naraku was naked you go ballistic and end up buying the episode. (this happened to me, exept i never bought the episode. I want to though.)

14. you're furious that your parents wont let you tatoo a spider on your back.

15. So, you resort to useing temporary tatoos.

16. When you mention the name Naraku to your friends, they start to panic, cus they know you can talk on and on and on about him.

17. youve told people you are one of Naraku's created forms of himself. example, Kaugra, Kanna, ect.

18. You often sit in your room doing nothing.

19. Seeing him makes you shiver with delight.

20. your room is covered in Naraku posters.

25. when anyone mentions baboons, you are reminded of Naraku.

26. Sometimes, or everyday, you wear blue eyeliner.

27. At an anime cosplay convention, you hug the first guy you see dressed as Naraku.

28. As the security gaurds drag you away you hear the guy saying "Im glad i picked this costume! This is the tenth time some girl has tried to hug me!"

29. You are constantly getting in heated arguments with people who hate Naraku.

30. No one can change you mind....Naraku is the coolest, No one can tell you otherwise!
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