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Fear Me

I am Sabaku No Gaara. And I kill for fun. I like to see things bein destroyed. I find it very amuzin. In a sick and twisted way. There is a demon w/in me. That awakes from his sleep if somebody is tryin to threathen. My demon sure definetely comes out once I feel threatened. No joke. You can call me crazy or psycho, which ever any of you perfer callin me. I dont care....alot of people call me pyscho. I rather be alone and anythin else. I show no emotion when someone dies. I think its funny. And I damn sure make fun. I have fun when I "kill". Thats how and the way I get amused. Thats how I love to have fun. Thats how I play.

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May 1 2010, 02:41:58 UTC 8 years ago

Gaara's characteristics are too plain simple and boring. There is nothing interesting about him. He just goes around killing people.

Light Yagami on the other hand is a complicated and clever character allowing varied opinions on him and making it hard to know what he'll do next.